Link Consulting Partners S.p.A. is a company of the Holding Link Company Group and actively participates in 6 strategic areas (Business Advisoring and Market Development; Strategic and Organizational Consulting; Engineering and Project Management; Quality and Environment; Financial Advisoring; Integrated Communication and Legislative Monitoring).

Link Company Group is a holding company of industrial participations, born from the entrepreneurial spirit and the high managerial skills of the two founding partners. It operates in the main vertical markets with diversified skills, ensuring maximum support to its clients in the processes of strategic and financial innovation. The value of Link Company Group is in the international positioning defined over the years through the developed and consolidated client network, the Pipelines for public and private clients, the operational synergies between the various associated companies, their multidisciplinary nature (necessary to compete in the reference markets) and their international presence.

Associated Companies

Being active subjects and possessing the skills and professionalism to operate at best, is one of the main priorities of the Link Company Group. Over the years, the Holding has expanded its structure with new and innovative businesses that could guarantee added value and greater possibility of responding to the needs expressed by clients.

PROGECA S.r.l. operates in the engineering and urban planning sector for over 15 years. Over time it has been able to combine technical skills and professional initiative, transforming its core business from the coordination of construction site engineering to the management of large projects, which require management and control activities.

Link Institutional Advisory Sagl, as a financial advisor, has been providing support to Social Security Institutions, Pension Funds and Financial Institutions for years, with public or private governance, proposing accompanying paths aligned with the return / risk needs expressed by the managed investment portfolios.

Local partnership with the leading industrial group of Tunisia, aimed at developing initiatives and projects in the civil, infrastructure, energy, transport and industry sectors.