Link Consulting Partners SpA, leading company of Link Company Group, is the consulting company that provides advanced services to public, private, corporate and institutional companies, operating mainly in integrated support to business strategies, with the aim of accompanying clients in the processes of positioning and strategic development - undertaken or to undertake.

Link Consulting Partners SCF S.p.A. is the leader of a network - consolidated and in continuous development - of partnerships and relationships between clients / investors and Group companies, with a working team that has a twenty plus year experience in the consulting field.

Therefore, the company is able to accompany its clients in the development and implementation of complex projects, in order to offer its services on multiple activities and to provide consistency with the development plans hypothesized by the clients.

In particular, this integrated and international multidisciplinary profile has enabled Link Consulting Partners to adopt an internal corporate approach based on the diversification of the core service areas, presented below:

  • Strategic and Business Consulting
  • AFinancial Advisory for Institutional Investors
  • Real Estate Services