Investment Evalutation and Selection

Link Consulting Partners S.p.A. supports its clients' institutional investors in the evaluation and selection of asset-based alternatives.

Support in the Evaluation and Selection Process
During its many years of experience as Advisor, the Company has studied and collected in its database over 1000 direct and indirect management strategies, both traditional and alternative, coming from the main international financial managers. This allows Link Consulting Partners S.p.A. to be always updated on the best investment strategies and on those that are best suited to the Asset Allocation of its Clients and their needs. Link Consulting Partners S.p.A. supports its clients in the drafting of the public tender for the search of managers, in the evaluation of offers and the subsequent on-boarding of the manager / investment selected with the client. The evaluation phase is based on objective qualitative-quantitative criteria and is carried out in absolute independence by third parties.

Monitoring and Reporting
Link Consulting Partners S.p.A. constantly monitors the Portfolio of its Clients, to allow total control over the investment limits both in terms of allocation and in terms of risk and performance budgets. It is the task of Link Consulting Partners SpA to monitor the individual operators to comply with the provisions of the Agreement at the time of signing the contract with the clients and to interact with them as soon as there is a need.
The reports produced by Link Consulting Partners S.p.A. (weekly and / or monthly) is the result of a constant monitoring of the Portfolio and is customized ad hoc for each client, according to their needs. It can illustrate any performance and / or risk indicator from the total Portfolio, by segment up to the individual security.

Real Estate
Link Consulting Partners S.p.A., in the Real Estate & Finance sector, represents a specialized player in the management, enhancement, sale of portfolios and complex real estate transactions, including non-performing ones. The Company has developed extensive expertise in the relationship between institutional and international investors and originator in the Real Estate, Corporate, Industrial and Banking sector, structuring itself in the years of the global crisis with the management of NPL's.

The peculiar evaluation capacity of Asset Allocation in Real Estate (Link Consulting Partners SpA has within itself the expertise to define the market value of portfolios and real estate vehicles such as SPV, FONDI, SIIQ, etc.) and sensitivity in evaluating the correlation between performance and risk accrued in industrial sector consultancy, make Link Consulting Partners SpA a careful and competent partner in proposing solutions on the issues of credit guaranteed by the underlying real estate. This competence applied to the Real Estate supply chain allows Link Consulting Partners S.p.A. to support Investors and / or Institutional entities in defining investment strategies and Risk Management, to be implemented on:

  • Existing assets, through the definition of the most appropriate management strategy (Strategic Asset Management), the constant monitoring of the risk-return profiles of individual direct and indirect investments, the periodic updating of the "exit" strategy from the investment, also in relation to the local market trends of reference
  • New investments, through the definition of the Asset Allocation target and related investment guidelines; the solicitation of real estate offers (properties and funds) according to a structured and transparent procedure; the selection of identified investments and the coordination of the acquisition process; the newly designed Project Monitoring to validate the topicality of projects and the sustainability of the value of the mortgage guarantee for banks.

Link Consulting Partners S.p.A., as Advisor for Italian institutional investors, was a forerunner in setting the Asset Allocation of its Clients into alternative investments (Private Equity, Private Debt, Renewables, Real Estate, etc.). This has allowed Link Consulting Partners SpA, as a "first mover" in the area, to enjoy considerable experience in asset classes that requires, as Advisor, an in-depth knowledge of the investment and a proven ability to monitor and correctly report specific risks and returns.

Link Consulting Partners S.p.A., as financial advisor, has always considered the factors ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) as drivers of added value for the investments of its clients. In particular, Link Consulting Partners S.p.A., in order to verify that the under advisory portfolios are ESG compliant, carries out activities such as:
  • Support in the definition of the guidelines that define the activity of the Social Security Agency in terms of socially responsible investments
  • Analysis of the social and environmental portfolio aimed at detecting any conditions of conflict with the stakeholders in which the Social Security Agency is involved
  • Support in the selection of companies involved in serious disputes, on which to carry out engagement activities and prepare the necessary documentation
  • Support in selecting financial products with a socially responsible nature
  • Consultancy with respect to the requests of social security institutions regarding socially responsible investments