smart working and work space management.

Link Consulting Partners S.p.A. offers real estate management design solutions with particular focus on Smart Working, Work Space Management and Property Management, including related IT services, for corporate clients in different industrial sectors.

These solutions are aimed at improving the work experience of employees of companies and public bodies and the usability of workplaces, guaranteeing a significant cost savings deriving from unused spaces, in line with the current trend in the world of work, according to which the use of space is evolving from the individual workstation to specialized workstations more suited to collaboration and co-working.
In particular, the main activities carried out to support the planning of clients who wish to 'rethink' their work spaces are:

  • Assessment of the processes and working methods of the resources living in the space, in order to detect and understand their needs
  • Design of the new layouts of the different spaces, maximizing the wellbeing of the people and directing the different types of spaces to the different work requirements
  • Design of modifications and additions to the plants keeping in mind the maintainability and energy efficiency
  • Design of change management methods and planning of training sessions and accompanying employees to use new spaces
  • Design and installation of information and information systems for the optimal management of new spaces and single workstations, monitoring the related effects