design of public and private tenders

The important experience gained by Link Consulting Partners in the field of public and private tenders.

with a particular regard to the scope of services, is made available to clients through a timely offer engineering service in various sectors, such as:

  • Facility Management and Global Service
  • Cleaning services, with specific attention to health care facilities
  • Security, Guardian and Concierge
  • Privatization and management Public Hospitals
  • Project Financing as well as PPP in civil infrastructures
  • Energy Saving
  • Multiservices
  • Technological Supplies
  • Museum Management services

Specifically, the activities carried out in order to support companies wishing to participate in a specific initiative, include:
  • Administrative and legal assistance for the correct composition of administrative documentation, to be arranged in parallel with the technical documentation.
  • Constant monitoring of public initiatives, preliminary analysis of the requirements for participation and reporting to potentially interested companies. This activity also provides for the assessment of possible operators suitable for the establishment of temporary business alliances.
  • Analysis of all tender documentation made available by the Contracting Authority and definition of the strategy for the development of the Technical Offer and any related Attachments, in relation to the criteria evaluation and predicted scores. This activity also is useful in order to make any requests for clarification to be sent to the Contracting Authority and the resulting analysis of the received responses.
  • Management of planning and of delivery times of technical documents, including accurate controls of the contents, drawn up for each planned section. This activity also includes the planning of dedicated meetings with the client, aimed at sharing progress status.
  • Support in the management of post-assignment services.