integrated communications and legislative monitoring

Link Consulting Partners SCF S.p.A. provides Integrated Communication and Legislative Monitoring services.

In particular, the Integrated Communication services (as a winning interweaving of information flows, media channels and communication tools) are aimed at enhancing the institutional image of clients, placing at the center of the message contents such as identities, values, project initiatives and services provided, under the assumption of creating and / or improving relations between the company and the stakeholders and placing the "care" of the company's competitive positioning as the ultimate goal.

The legislative monitoring service, that is the analysis and monitoring of the political-institutional framework in which clients operate (whose understanding is necessary for the development of their activities and the promotion and defense of their economic interests) is focused on the detailed examination of political and legislative facts, suitable to support business strategies. The service has been set up in such a way as to guarantee a proactive approach, action and non- reaction, in which it is essential to convey innovative messages, interpreting the opportunity to open up to change and be in step with the times, without defensive arrogations, but with openness to comparison and proposals. The process of providing the "Legislative Monitoring and Analysis of Parliamentary Acts" service starts with a detailed reading of the regulatory provisions to understand the content and the process of forming parliamentary texts up to the communication in real time to the client of the measures of interest. The service provides for the preparation and submission of periodic reports, which shows the concise explanation of the relevant content aspects and the status of the parliamentary / governmental works, in order to offer the client an exhaustive information. In particular, the service is carried out through 4 main activities:

  • Daily reading of parliamentary reports
  • Selection of measures of interest to the client
  • Analysis of the rules of interest
  • Drafting and daily submission of the report